World Youth Day, Sydney 2008

The Pope Celebrates our Final Mass

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Today (7-20-08) was our final event for World Youth Day and the most exciting. How exciting it was to wake up on the race track with all the other pilgrims who had camped out with us. It was so cold but it was an amazing experience I will never forget.


We all woke up and tried to stay warm it was so cold out there. We had our final mass of World Youth Day and Pope Benedict XVI was our celebrant. Everyone was so excited to have him come celebrate with us. When he finally arrived he was escorted around the race track in his Pope mobile. It was so exciting everyone crowed the race track to see him and wave.


Once he circled the track a couple of times he got down and headed to the main stage on the track where he was going to celebrate our final Mass. It was a wonderful and beautiful Mass. The readings were all done in different languages from around the world which was really neat. There were also 24 candidates that joined us who would be confirmed by the Pope at this Mass. What an honor it must have been for those that were chosen.


Once the mass was over Pope Benedict did a special blessing from all that were present and then he announced were the next World Youth Day would be in 2011. I’m sure everyone has heard, but in case you didn’t it will be in Madrid, Spain. As all the excitement settled down and everyone headed out of the race track it was a sad but exciting time for everyone.


 I know myself I was ready to get a shower and a warm bed. We had completed our last event of World Youth Day. That was it we had all done what we came all the way to Australia for and now we have to take everything we have experienced and learned here home and spread it to everyone around us. Because after all that is what this whole experience was all about. Just like the theme says: “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be may witnesses” (Acts 1:8)That what we must remember when we go back to our everyday lives. While we were here we were surrounded by other Catholics who believe the same thing we do but once we go back to the “real world” that is not always the case. We have to take what we have received from the Holy Spirit while on this journey and spread it to those that may not know the “TRUTH.”


This was may final blog for World Youth Day and I really hope everyone who read got a little something out of what I shared. I have really enjoyed writing and sharing with everyone the wonderful experience while I’ve been here in Australia it has truly been a blessing and a journey in my life I will never forget. Thanks for reading.


Rachel Martinez


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July 20, 2008 at 10:06 am

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  1. Wow!

    I’m glad you guys got to experience WYD. You will remember it for the rest of your lives!! May the message always stay with each one of you always.

    Thank God we have ACTS retreats. You can stay connected that way, in a small way.

    God’s Blessings,
    Lauren’s Mom

    Elia Palmieri

    July 20, 2008 at 12:12 pm

  2. Young people know their limitations and contradictions, but when they come to listen during their holidays to an old man of 81 years that probably has not a special charisma, but they are persuaded by his insight, rigor and clarity. And young people want answers. So they are delighted that someone intends to improve them, someone who makes them want to be better people.


    Santiago Chiva (Granada, Spain)


    July 26, 2008 at 1:35 pm

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