World Youth Day, Sydney 2008

Please be sure to vote!

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Voices for the Voiceless



“I have witnessed the affliction of my people in Egypt and have heard their cry of complaint…, so I know well what they are suffering.  Therefore I have come down to rescue them….  I will send you to Pharaoh to lead my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt” (Ex. 3:7-10).


The story of God’s relationship with his people is one of salvation, one of mission, of love and compassion, courage and trust.  Above are the words that God spoke to Moses from the burning bush.  In these words, we witness God’s hesed, his loving mercy, his compassion.  God hears the cries of his people.  And he sends his servants to be his voice and instruments as he rescues them.


Which are the voices today that cry out to God?  I believe these voices are many.  They are the voices of each one of us, as we wonder about the future of our economy.  We worry about the world that we leave for our children and grandchildren.  God hears the cries of those whose concerns are more urgent: those who have lost their jobs, those struggling with debilitating illnesses, those who have lost a loved one to violence, and countless others.  God hears the cries of those whose voices have been silenced: victims of war, of genocide, of racism, of poverty, and of those who have yet to be born.  Their silent cries reach the ears and heart of our loving and compassionate God.  God then turns to us to be voices for the voiceless.  We do this through our solidarity in prayer, our love in action, and our commitment in our vote.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that it is our moral duty to vote (CCC 2240).  I exhort you, then, to read the bishops’ statement, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship” (, find out the candidates’ positions on the issues, take your deliberations to prayer, and then vote!


Bishop Oscar Cantú


Written by archsa

October 31, 2008 at 4:14 pm

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